Liquidity Programs & Staking

XUS rewards will be claimable for users who deposit Uniswap LP tokens to incentivized pairs, which can be attained by adding liquidity to token pairs on Uniswap. Each incentivized pair will have its own emission rate, and the sum of all XUS rewards across the incentivized pairs will emit at a base rate of 2,000,000 XUS for the first month, with a boost of up to 3x the more XUSD becomes algorithmic, the XUS emission rate decrease 50% each month. For more details about the specific pairs and the overall LP program, check the Token Distribution section of the docs.

Collateral Ratio Boost

The rate of emission in every pool is multiplied by a CR Boost factor that is inversely proportional to the collateral ratio. This means that as XUSD becomes more algorithmic, the rate of emission of XUS for all pools increases. The CR Boost constant is set to a 3x maximum multiplier, meaning that if XUSD is entirely algorithmic with a CR of 0%, then the rate of emission of XUS increases by 3x. For example, the first month of emission of 2,000,000 XUS per year would increase to a rate of 6,000,000 XUS per year if the CR reaches 0%. If XUSD is 50% collateralized, the boost will be 1.5x, putting the emission rate at 3,000,000 XUS per month.