XUSD Share (XUS)
  • Fair Distribution
    • 500k total staking rewards supply
    • No private sale & No premine
    • All XUS is minted as reward of liquidity farming
    • 4% staking rewards to dev address for development and marketing
    • Only 500 XUS & 500 XUSD minted at genesis to bootstrap liquidity
  • XUS Staking Rewards
    • 500k total supply
    • Reward rate halves every month, first month reward: min. 100k, max. 300k
    • Collateral ratio(CR) boost
      • No boost when global CR is 100%
      • 3x boost when global CR is 0%
      • 3*(1-CR) boost when global CR is between 0% and 100%
Last modified 1yr ago
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